Me, Me and Curtains


So I am going to attempt to write a blog post that sticks to the subject and doesn’t show all of my neurotic tendencies . . . although it seems I may have just put it all out there anyways. It can be my disclosure statement; in case I slip up. In fact, I’m going to lay it all out there. Because if I don’t, then April will just make some hilarious joke (she is quite funny, I’ll give her that) about my peculiar behaviors, so I’m going to beat her to the punch.   I am a bit neurotic. I tend to make lists, so many in fact that I get so overwhelmed that I have trouble even starting the things on the list. I just derive pleasure in making the lists, and then it’s all downhill from there. But, I NEVER LEAVE A LIST UNFINISHED. It will drive me crazy until I do. I never complete a sentence because my brain works way, way faster than my mouth, and unfortunately for those around me, my mouth works a bit too fast. I believe banging your head against the wall in frustration is perfectly acceptable; in fact it burns 150 calories an hour. That is the short list. I’m sure there are more to come.

                Oh yeah, I was going to stick to the subject of the blog. Which happens to not be me and my neurotic tendencies. The allotted subjects are: my condo, and the design of my condo. You see, April has to Q.C. my blogging. Or else, I’ll just write run on sentences about myself. And Q.C. stands for Quality Control. . . I live in a military town, we use cool slang like that.

And back to the subject at hand. See, you guys are always getting me off track. I wanted to talk to you (currently known as my imaginary blog followers) about the color of the walls in the living room. As well as about curtains in my living room.

So do I make curtains out of this Spring Floral print?

Spring Floral Fabric

Or do I purchase this print in curtains?  

This is the print of the World Market Kavita curtains, sorry for the lack of curtain picture, but it didn't show the true colors!

Or these curtains?

Pier 1 Gardenia

 So originally my favorite was the spring floral print, actually up until writing this post. Then looking at the bright, bold and many different colors of the World Market Kavita curtains, and the fact that it will actually be cheaper and more time efficient to buy them already made, I think I’m sold. Unless you can give me a good reason I’m wrong. April. . . can you give me and our many followers some samples of wall colors?

Until then. . .



We is homeowners!

Thats the text I got from Cami at 3:47 this afternoon – meaning everything was final on the purchase of Cameron & her husband Brennen’s California home. I quickly responded with “When do I get the keys?”  Supposedly that was happening sometime this afternoon but I dont have  them yet (FYI it’s  11:07pm my time). But as soon as I have them in my posession I’ll be taking all kinds of “before” shots to record what we started with, so check back, Cami, because I know you’re our only follower right now & I’m sure you want to see what our your condo looks like.